INEST MARKET AS since 1993. The company’s main field of operation is the design and manufacture of furniture. Since moving into our renovated factory in 1994, the premises in Saka, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia have undergone continuous upgrading. Enclosed production space is now 2800 m2 on 2.3h of land with dedicated storage facilities, which belong to the company in full.

Substantial stock of a wide range of raw materials and the latest technology provide the opportunity to maximise solutions and fulfill orders quickly.

Manufacturing process can be carried out from start to the finish at the same location. The advantage of INEST MARKET AS is fast product development, flexibility and very good relation of price and quality.

In manufacturing the furniture we follow very carefully every requirement issued by the health protection association. All the materials and accessories are checked for quality and exploitation in accordance to the relevant requirements.

For the current moment and in the future we consider our target groups to be schools, kindergartens and other collective institutions.

Furniture for your pleasure!